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Safety at Culture & Language Exchange Program

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Our NUMBER 1 Priority: SAFETY

BEAUTIFUL SPAIN - HOME STAY - Culture & Language Exchange Program

In today´s world, anyone´s concern on safety is totally legitimate. It is also our priority, OUR NUMBER 1 CONCERN and one of the main reasons, Santander, is the perfect spot for a program for students coming from foreign countries. The fact that Santander is a non-industrial town and on the conservative side are only some of the reasons why it is so much safer, unlike other Spanish cities, large in size. Santander with almost 0% crime rate is considered the safest town in Spain.

Santander is the capital city of the Cantabria region

Santander and its surroundings are so safe that to give you an idea, local parents allow their kids to ride public buses and travel back and forth from school, home orto tutoring classes at age 11 and 12.Public transportation is extremely common and safe. We ALL use it, due to the small size of Santander and therefore the lack of parking spaces. It is very clean, very efficient and frequent service, not to mention it ONLY costs .70 cents per ride. It does not get dark until 10.30pm in the summer time in Santander. We are done with activities and excursions before 8.30pm-9.00pm. There are always tons of people strolling along the pier, beach area around Santander, coffee shops, restaurants, ice cream stalls, delicious pastry shops until 12.00am/1.00am. Santander, being a small town, it is known mostly only nation wide.Visitors are mostly Spanish. While Madrid, Sevilla, Málaga, Valencia or Barcelona attract a vast amount of tourists from all over the world, and as a result those big cities also attract crime coming from some European and surrounding countries. .

We also regularly speak to host families during our students


New host families are usually recommended by ¨older¨ host families, teachers, friends, people we know we can trust. Despite of that, we start assigning these newer host families, (after being interviewed and visiting their homes), students that come from European countries, such as France, for just 3-5 nights. We monitor them daily, during the mentioned short stays, as well as, through an evaluation in writing that my participants fill out at the end of their stay, not to mention that we ask them on everyday basis how things are going with their host family. We also regularly speak to host families during our students´ experience. ONLY once these new host families have received outstanding evaluations, solidly and consistently for a few European students mini stays in a row, We know we can assign to them longer duration program participants.

Each student hosted provides a great and honest feedback in writing. Those staying for 3-4 weeks fill out two evaluations. One of them at the end of the experience but also one in the middle of it. The minimum doubt there might be or the smallest ¨negative¨ comment is enough to not invite that host family to participate again.Most importantly, any of our participants’ request (or from their natural parents) to be moved to another host family, at any given time, is respected as well as implemented immediately. This is one of the numerous and advantageous characteristics that makes this program different from all others.

Everyone knows we are perfectionists.We as considered to be extremely detail oriented, always making sure everything run s smoothly. As a consequence, host families are meticulously and carefully selected. Finally, having been in charge of this program for almost three decades, allows us to pick up on any little thing that may be going on, right away, so that no matter what it is, we take care of it immediately, providing our participating students with the support they may need at any time.