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“My host family helped me a great deal with my Spanish language skills. They are amazing! My host mother taught me how to cook some special meals and I learned about their everyday life routines.” Lindsay Ortiz

“This trip has been a blast and it only lasted a moment but I will remember it for the rest of my life.” Dylan Manzanares

“It surprised me how much stuff we did but it was good because I don´t feel like like I wasted my time. I can rest in America! I would like to stay longer!" LissiePerkal

“I loved going to the beach with my friends after class. The beach is so beautiful and playing paddles and swimming was a blast!" Lucy McDermott

“I learned about the family here and a lot about the Spanish culture. I also learned a lot about Spanish, the language itself. I had a lot of fun here.” Emily Myers

“My favorite experiences were going to the beach, meals, talking with my host family, running to the Light House, most of our excursions. I really enjoyed living with a different family and all of our excursions to parks and caves and towns... This was a lot of fun and I definitely learned a lot.” Jack Murray

“I enjoyed every part of this trip, all the activities we did... I learned a lot. I feel like my Spanish has gotten so much better while being here. I also learned about the similarities and differences of my real family and my Spanish one. I would like to thank my host mom for taking care of me. I had lots of fun and the time of my life!” Antoni Baca

¨My favorite experience was hanging out with my host family! I love them to death! They did so much for me and they took such a good care of me! They taught me lots of street Spanish. I learned so much about the culture in Spain, too! My host family made my trip 100 times more incredible! I also enjoyed going to the beach, shopping with my friends... Everything!” Kinsey Durham

“I would like to thank everyone involved in this trip because they made it happen”. Casey Manzanares

“My favorite experiences were going on the excursions to the Roman Ruins and also having beach days with the group. They were really fun and enjoyable. I learned a lot about the Spanish way of life versus the American way of life. I also learned about the food and pueblos of Cantabria”. Claire Ebert

“I loved all of our excursions. The beaches are absolutely gorgeous. I also loved all we learned in our classes. I enjoyed going on our hike to the Roman ruins. It was a lot of fun and very beautiful. From my host family I learned more about their culture and differences between my family and theirs. Both good. It surprised me about my host family how inviting they were to me and how they treated me so well. They were terrific and we never had a problem. I would like to thank Nuria and María for everything they have taught us and giving me the chance to learn about this culture. It surprised me how much Spanish I actually knew before coming and how much I learned while being here. I learned a lot about Spanish culture, Spain in general and I mostly learned a lot about the person I am. This experience was really Life-Changing”. Kristin Salazar

“It surprised me how welcoming the host families are and how easy it is to go around the city. It also surprised me how much they eat! Also how much family interaction is important to them. I liked the full day excursions and the other excursions we did. I also loved eating Regma and going to the beach. I would like to thank my host family for having me, the teachers for teaching us and Vanny, Zoomy and Nuria for putting it together”. Claire Jelinek

“I would not change anything about my trip to Spain. I loved the way it was. I enjoyed the full day excursions the most. I loved going to the beach and just immersing myself in the Spanish culture. I learned lots from my host family: vocabulary, Spanish culture, different foods, how nice and welcoming they were and how we may be different were all really the same. I would like to thank Nuria for putting the program together. I hope to come back some day.” Jon Fasanella

“I enjoyed most about my trip chillin´w/ my hostess sista´ and my host bro”.TrevorManzanares

“It surprised to me about my host family how loving and caring they were towards me and how much fun it actually was this trip. I also learned from them that money is not the most important thing in life, Spanish language, manners. I have no suggestions as it was a great experience as it is. Thank you for all that you have done. It has been a wonderful trip to Spain. I will remember this trip for a lifetime”. JarenTrost.

“My favorite experience was playing with my host cousins in Obregón. Also just hanging out talking Spanish with my host dad and host mom. When we were watching TV I liked how they explained everything to me, so I could better understand their culture. I enjoyed the newspaper “El DiarioMontañés”, the bullfighting ring... I learned that even if you don´t know Spanish that well you can still have a great time. It surprised about my host family that they were not that different to mine in the States. Everything was a good surprise. My host family surprised me because I never thought that I could love them. Everyone met my expectations and then some more. Everyone was fantastic. It was great. There is nothing in the world that could make this trip better. It was amazing. It surprised me how much fun I had and enjoyed my stay. Everything was better than I thought. The only thing that I would change is to stay longer in Santander. Nuria, I really can see that you give 110% everyday for this program and it shows. You truly make this program what it is. If I grow up to work half as hard in my life in whatever I do I will reach the stars. You truly make this trip the best I have ever had.” Nicholas Trost

“I really loved the beach and walking around town with all my friends. I also liked the full day excursions. I most enjoyed the beach, shopping and talking with my host family. I learned a lot about my host family: their lifestyle, and staying close to home, and about living even when life is not fortunate at times. I was surprised how important family was to them. I really did love this trip. I honestly wouldn´t change anything or take it back because I learned so much and the things I didn´t like did teach me a lot anyways.” Allie Coleman

“My favorite part was definitely the dance classes because they were both fun and we learned about the culture and about the music that was involved in the dancing. I most enjoyed my time spent with my host family. They were so sweet and sincere that I don´t think I could ever forget them. They taught me how a close knitted family life is and how different Spanish and American families really are. My senora was definitely a great help in my transition because she helped make me comfortable and feel safe. My favourite person on this trip was definitely MaríaÁngeles because she taught us a lot and was very open with us about American lifestyle and she wasn´t closed minded. It surprised me how quickly I felt in love with my host family and how easy it was to try the food. I would not change anything about this trip. I really enjoyed myself and I will never forget anything that I learned here because all of it taught me more about myself.” Bailey Johns

“My favorite experiences were the excursions because we got to see many different parts of SPAIN and experience different cultures. I enjoyed being with my host family, walking around Santander, the beach, and practicing my SPANISH. I learned from my host family different customs and manners, different foods, and I got to experience a very different but very wonderful lifestyle. It surprised me how warm and kind my host family was to me even after not knowing me for long. They immediately considered me as a part of their family. I would like to thank everybody that made this trip possible. Ithas been a wonderful experience. Everyone was very helpful and made everything stress-free and a lot of fun. I am so glad they were here with us. It surprised me about this trip how quickly it went by. We had such a great time and learned so much. I wish I didn´t have to leave!. I would not change anything. It was a wonderful trip that I enjoyed very much.” Nora Lamm

“My favourite experiences were the Spanish mall shopping that was really fun, the dance classes were interesting, going to the mountains with my host family... I enjoyed all the activities, but I liked the shopping and the Roman hike a lot. I learned from my host family Spanish language and lifestyle, the way of life in Santander, Spain. I learned about my host family that they are so like my family and the host dad and I really got along well, and we had similar interests. I want to thank my host family for being so caring and hospitable. I also want to thank the rest of the students for being nice and friendly. My Spanish coordinators, teachers, chaperones and guides totally met my expectations. I have nothing to suggest except a longer duration.” IñigoGiorgetti (Manila, Philippines)!!


“I am glad that you all are so young because you really know how to have fun”. Melissa

“María, you´ve done a great job teaching us things. Thanks to you I now know a good deal about the history of Santander and Spain”. Kunal Gupta

“A lot of you put a lot of time and effort into making our stay here a great one. Thanks”. Lauren

“I would like to thank all of you for your effort in helping us understand and appreciate the Spanish way of life” Nimisha “The staff is not only smart and helpful but very nice. They all went out of their way to make everything fun, from the songs in class to the extra information, I am glad to have been here”. Christina de Jesús


“The beaches and the city are sooooo beautiful”. Annie

“Santander is also amazing. It´s a beautiful city, very European which I loved. I really feel at home here. I´ve had so many great experiences, wonderful memories that I will have forever. Thanks again!”. Rachel

“Santander is the greatest place to hold a program like this. The beaches here are incredible”. Sonia


“All the information I got prior to enrolling is absolutely true!”. Katie

“Everything exceeded my expectations”. Lona

“I have no words to thank everyone involved in this program”. Andrew

“Our Spanish coordinators, escorts, and teachers were very helpful and fun, they made sure everybody was well suited in the family and having fun”. Ashley

“The Homestay Spain staff is wonderful, you have done your jobs wonderfully!”. Jacquie

“I would like to thank the staff for being there 24-7 for anything we might have had”. Crystal

“Thanks so much for organizing an awesome trip, picking out some really caring families and getting a great staff”. Anna

“Everybody fully exceeded my expectations. I never dreamed that this would be so memorable. Everything was pretty phenomenal”. Catherine ON THE HOST FAMILIES

“I have had such an awesome time and I love Spain. My family has been great and I´ve met tons of nice people. Nuria, thanks for putting me in such a great family. I will never forget how loving and awesome they were”. Stacey Chun

“I will miss my host family!”. Jessica

“It surprised me how family oriented they were. Even lunch is with the whole family sitting at the table”. Caitlin

“My host family went out of their way to accommodate me”. Stephanie

“My family took care of me like I was her own”. Allison

“I didn´t expect really, really, really good food!”. Eric

“My host mom taught me about old Spain and the way Spain used to be”. Ashley

“It surprised me that my host family accepted me completely as one of their own. I thought I would feel like a guest, but I was part of the family”. Catherine


“The teachers know what they are doing and they are very informative”. Ryan

“Here, in class I learned more than four years at home!”. Gregory


“María, thanks for explaining everything about every trip we go on. All your facts make the trips even more interesting”. Laura

“I truly enjoyed the Latin dancing classes!” Elizabeth


“Nuria, you´ve been so helpful. You really made this trip a success for me. You answered all my questions and calmed my fears. Thanks for setting me up with the Valdés family. It was a perfect match!”. Kunal Gupta

“Nuria, thanks for putting together such an awesome program and just being there for me to talk to. Also thanks for being my dancing partner”. Nimisha

“Everything was extremely well planned and run efficiently and smoothly thanks to Nuria, the programDirector”. Cindy


“I seriously have never had a better time in my life than I have had on this trip. You have no idea how much I appreciate your contribution towards making this summer the best summer of my life”. Melissa

“It´s such a rich culture that at times I felt overwhelmed”. Alexis

“It was the best experience ever¨. Renee

“I had the most awesome summer that I have ever had”. Tanya

“I did not expect to meet so many new friends on the trip. I really met a lot of nice people, American and Spanish”. Sean

“I didn´t expect that all the people here would be so friendly and open”. Christina

“The wonderful people really enhanced my stay in Spain, the staff, the other students and the local Spaniards were all wonderful”. Mary